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Toilet Compartment Accessories

Satisfy various patron needs in a limited footprint. Bobrick Toilet Compartment Accessories combine toilet tissue dispensing, seat-cover dispensing and/or sanitary napkin disposal in one convenient unit.

B-3474 ClassicSeries® Recessed Seat-Cover Dispenser & Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Recessed installation on left side of side wall of a single toilet compartment, with tissue dispenser on right side. Door unlocks with key and swings open for filling. Holds 250 toilet seat covers and two standard core tissue rolls for each compartment, featuring theft resistant spindles.

Featured Products

Looking for additional product recommendations? Explore these industry favorites.

B-357 ClassicSeries®

Partition Mounted Recessed Sanitary Napkin Disposal & Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Used from both sides, serviced from one side.

B-3471 ClassicSeries®

Partition Mounted Seat-Cover & Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Used from both sides, serviced from one side.


Partition-Mounted Multi-Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Holds four standard core rolls.

B-3479 ClassicSeries®

Surface-Mounted Seat-Cover Dispenser & Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Holds 250 seat covers, two standard tissue rolls.

Downloads & Resources

Review the links below to access helpful information to assist with design, product selection and more.

Restroom Accessory Catalog

Evaluate Bobrick’s comprehensive selection of Restroom Accessories in a convenient downloadable catalog.

Locating Accessories Inside the Toilet Partition

In accessible toilet compartments, accessories should be mounted so the operating features meet relevant building codes. Review TB-55: Locating Accessories Inside the Partition. 

Use of Recessed Dispenser-Disposal Unit Behind Grab Bar

Before installing a recessed Toilet Compartment Accessory in an accessible toilet compartment with a horizontal grab bar mounted in front, review TB-105: Use of Bobrick Recessed Dispenser Disposal Unit behind Grab Bar. 

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