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Cartuchos sin Agua

Waterless Cartridges

Simply put, Falcon Waterfree urinals are the most practical and efficient urinal available for new construction and restroom upgrades.

In new building installations, there is no need to connect to a water supply – only to a drain line. For urinal upgrades, the existing water supply is simply capped off and the waterfree urinal is connected to the drain line. Many restroom upgrades present unique challenges due to wall conditions and old plumbing systems, but the design of the Falcon Waterfree urinal and the adaptive installation hardware easily accommodate all forms of variability.


FWFC-1 — Falcon Cartridge, Single Pack

The patented cartridge is engineered to last an average of three to four months in typical installations and to receive urine through drainholes. Urine passes through an immiscible layer of biodegradable sealant, continues through a siphon trap system, and flows out through a baffle to prevent the loss of sealant. A discharge tube in the housing directs the flow of urine into the building drain system. The cartridge is designed as a replaceable component when its function has been exhausted.

FWFC-20 — Falcon Cartridge, 20 Pack

The 20 pack comes bulk packed in a single carton (not individually packaged).

Falcon Waterfree Technologies
Bobrick is proud to distribute products for Falcon products, a global leader in sustainable restroom technologies.
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