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Bobrick Green

A Foundational Responsibility to Protect the Environment

At Bobrick, we are committed to environmental sustainability in global product design, manufacturing and operations. We are also committed to assisting our clients in the planning and implementation of a sustainable building and operating
strategy. Bobrick products not only help contribute to the LEED certification program but also support long-term operating cost reductions and social responsibility.

Bobrick’s headquarters in North Hollywood, CA is a LEED® Gold-certified facility. Our 100,000 square foot campus features rooftop solar panels, photometric sensors and electric vehicle charging stations.

Authentic Sustainability

Bobrick advocates for an “authentically sustainable” approach to commercial restroom design. Designing restrooms for sustainable operation requires unique strategies beyond those typically associated with green building. Sustainable operation is
closely associated with economical operation, providing design professionals with opportunities to support their clients’ long-term business goals.

Through thoughtful product selection that takes into consideration energy costs, battery usage, waste and usage of consumables, commercial restrooms will not only operate sustainably and cost-effectively, but also retain the integrity of the
architect’s aesthetic vision.

To learn more, take our AIA/CES Continuing Education course, “Designing Restrooms for Sustainable Operation.” Contact your architectural representative
to schedule a learning session.

Sustainable Restroom Products

Universal Roll Towel Dispensers Reduce Towel Use up to 30%

  • Adjustable towel lengths and shorter second pull lengths
  • Delayed second activation
  • Stub roll utilization provides complete consumable usage at less replacement time

TowelMate Reduces Towel Use up to 20%

  • Dispenses one towel at a time
  • Prevents handful dispensing

Hand Dryers Eliminate Paper Towels Completely

  • Eliminates towel trash removal and need to manage paper towel inventory
  • 95% cost savings compared to towel usage

Universal Bulk-Fill Soap Dispensers Eliminate Cartridges

  • Eliminates disposal of partially-filled cartridges
  • Substantially reduces landfill impact
  • Foam soap dispensing options reduce soap and water use

Recycled Content & Restroom Accessory Construction

  • ConturaSeries®, TrimLineSeries® and ClassicSeries® accessories are manufactured from 50-70% recycled stainless steel
  • Robust fabrication stands up to heavy use, abuse and vandalism to reduces replacement cycles

Toilet Partition Systems

  • For a summary of Bobrick Toilet Partition LEED information refer to Advisory Bulletin TB-95.
  • Stainless steel hardware contributes to Materials & Resources (MR) Credit 4, with recycled content of 25% (0% post-consumer and 50% pre-consumer)

Koala Kare Baby Changing Stations

  • Baby Changing Stations by Koala Kare Products are crafted from various percentages of recycled content:
    KB100-ST Polyethylene/Stainless Steel = 48%
    KB101 Polyethylene = 46%
    KB102 Polyethylene = 31%
    KB110 Stainless Steel = 55%
    Stainless Steel = 68%
    KB200 Polypropylene = 16%

Reduce & Reuse
Bobrick’s  symbol is used throughout our website and Restroom Accessory Catalog to identify products that save paper and/or reduce waste by complying with the U.S. EPA’s Reduce, Reuse & Recycle program.

Restroom Accessories LEED Information
Review “TB-88: Restroom Accessories LEED Information” to learn about the recycled content of Bobrick restroom accessories and see how they can help your projects earn LEED certification.
Download >

Toilet Partition LEED Information
Review “TB-95: Bobrick Toilet Partition LEED Information” to learn how Bobrick toilet partition materials can help your projects earn LEED certification.
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