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Architectural Excellence Series

Bobrick’s Architectural Excellence Series comprises AIA/IDCEC-accredited Continuing Education Units (CEUs) developed to help the architectural and design communities become familiar with restroom design best practices.

As solutions and technologies continuously evolve, Bobrick welcomes the opportunity to be an agnostic provider of relevant, up-to-date information.

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A Planning Guide for Accessible Restrooms

Designing accessible restrooms requires an understanding of why such standards exist. By becoming familiar with the unique needs of various users, architects and designers can better design restrooms that satisfy ADA standards for toilet compartments, lavatories, accessory operability and beyond.

When requirements for clearances, mounting heights, protrusion and turning radiuses are satisfied—and the appropriate products are used in doing so—the result is a compliant, user-friendly restroom that supports the building owner’s goals. This course reviews relevant requirements, strategies and solutions for achieving accessible, and in some cases, universal, design.

  • You will earn:
    1 AIA LU/HSW (Course Code: BOB1305) or
  • 0.1 IDCEC HSW/Building Code (Course Code: CEU-104606)

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Specifying Code-Compliant Toilet Partitions

When specifying toilet partitions, code-compliance, design and durability are closely linked. By understanding the relevant building codes, fire code compliance standards and testing methodologies, architects and designers can be better positioned to optimize their toilet partition designs.

Today’s building owners and their tenants demand privacy, aesthetics and performance in their toilet partitions. This course provides guidance on satisfying several code requirements without compromising other critical design objectives.

  • You will earn:
    1 AIA LU/HSW (Course Code: BOB1306) or
  • 0.1 IDCEC HSW/Building Code (Course Code: CEU-103747)

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Beyond ADA: Multigenerational Public Restroom Design

Multigenerational design merges a number of social issues, design philosophies and facility considerations. As demographics continue to evolve in the United States, facilities must prepare for populations and workforces that are older than they’ve ever been while also catering to the preferences and needs of younger generations.

This course will review how not only meeting but also exceeding the guidelines set forth in ADA standards can help facilities cater to more age-diverse populations, which may include children, their parents, the elderly and bariatric users. Relevant solutions include privacy features, exceeding minimum dimensions, easily operable restroom accessories and childcare accommodations.

You will earn:

  • 1 AIA LU/HSW (Course Code: BOB1304) or
  • 0.1 IDCEC HSW/Building Code (Course Code: CEU-104884)

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Designing Restrooms for Sustainable Operation

When designing the modern restroom, long-term sustainability should factor into the scope of planning and design. Sustainable operation is closely associated with economical operation, providing architects with opportunities to support their clients’ long-term business goals. “Authentic sustainability” requires design professionals to consider strategies beyond those typically associated with green building.

This course reviews approaches architects can use to achieve their overall sustainability goals while also maintaining their aesthetic vision and satisfying their clients’ financial objectives.

  • You will earn:
    1 AIA LU/HSW (Course Code: BOB1307) or
  • 0.1 IDCEC HSW/Building Code (Course Code: CEU-108116)

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Design Solutions for Restroom Privacy

A large proportion of today’s restroom users, from millennials to caregivers to individuals with personal medical needs, view privacy as a key amenity. Further, as all-gender restrooms rise in popularity and may even be required by law in public facilities in some states, privacy has taken a key role in dialogues surrounding restroom design.

  • You will earn:
    1 AIA LU/HSW (Course Code: BOB1308) or
  • 0.1 IDCEC HSW/Building Code (Course Code: CEU-109795)

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Reimagining Restrooms for Human Health & Wellness

This course leverages expertise from independent subject matter experts in infectious diseases, architecture, facility operations and product manufacturing to identify the hygiene challenges that restrooms must address, as well as product, space planning and cleaning and maintenance strategies to support health and wellness. Significant focus is placed on touchless handwashing and drying, as well as restroom layouts to support physical distancing.

  • You will earn:
    1 AIA LU/HSW (Course Code: BOB1310) or
  • 0.1 IDCEC HSW/Building Code (Course Code: CEU-113508)

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