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Washroom Accessories


Architects, developers and facility managers have selected Bobrick’s performance-engineered restroom accessories with confidence for over a century. As the market leader, we deliver building owner value through design excellence compliance, sustainability and economical cost-in-use.


Three design-integrated series of accessories include ConturaSeries® for prestige properties, TrimLineSeries™ for up-scale buildings and ClassicSeries® for standard use and heavy-traffic projects. From Class A to education and healthcare, recessed and surface-mounted, we have your design.


Our products are engineered to meet the latest accessibility requirements including wall protrusion, mounting heights, reach and operation. Bobrick also provides detailed consultation on compliant product selection and installation. Bobrick/Koala meets ADA-ABA, ICC/ANSI, ASTM, EN.


Bobrick is at the forefront of the touch-free commercial restroom with automatic models to limit cross contamination. Our stainless products are easy to maintain and sanitize through regular cleaning. Microban® Antimicrobial protection is a Koala® baby changing station exclusive.


Accessories fabricated of 50%-70% post-industrial stainless steel contribute toward LEED certification. Soap and towel dispensers are engineered to reduce consumables usage eliminating the need for proprietary towels and soap cartridges, thereby reducing the operating footprint of a given building.


Robust engineering and built-in maintainability are the standards for Bobrick restroom accessories and Koala products, providing life-of-the-building functionality with appropriate maintenance. Reduced repair and replacement costs also deliver a positive impact on the operating budget.


Cost-in-use savings are also trademarks of Bobrick restroom accessories. Products are designed to control soap and paper towel usage, reduce labor and maintenance expense, and to be vandal-resistant. Savings calculators, available online, confirm the substantial savings and return on investment.


Non-proprietary dispensing of universal paper towels and bulk soap help building owners escape the high prices of consumables contracts common to closed system products. This facilitates open-market procurement and the ability to take advantage of a large variety of soap and towel options.

Toilet Partition Systems


Architects, developers and facility managers have selected Bobrick’s performance-engineered toilet partitions with confidence since 1970. As the market leader, Bobrick delivers building owner value through design excellence, multiple options, code compliance, and long-lasting durability.


Specifiers choose from a variety of partition materials including Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC), Compact Laminate (CL) and High Pressure Laminate (HPL) with a substantial selection of colors and patterns. Mounting configurations, Gap-Free® and Maximum Height privacy and hardware options are available.


SCRC, CL and HPL are first quality, extra-durable toilet partition materials that score exceptionally high for graffiti, impact and scratch-resistance. Excellent maintainability is another measure of durability and results in long-term performance, minimizing costly repair and replacement expense.


Partition hardware is fabricated of 50%–70% post-industrial recycled stainless steel. Regional manufacturing and distribution facilities within 500 miles of 70% of the U.S. population conserve transportation energy consumption. Bobrick’s Toilet Partitions can contribute to LEED points.


Bobrick toilet partitions comply with the latest ASTM E 84 Flame Spread and Smoke Development index requirements for Interior Finishes. Bobrick will gladly provide toilet partition accessibility consultation including wheelchair accessibility compartment layouts, approaches, turning radiuses and reach range compliance.


Cleanability is a key factor in maintaining partitions in a sanitary condition. CL and SCRC surfaces, including doors, stiles and panels, feature Graffiti-Off® non-porous surfaces for easy graffiti removal and disinfection. Other materials with porous textures make cleaning more difficult.


Architects and designers acknowledge that privacy is playing an increasingly vital role in washroom design. Bobrick answers these needs with privacy options on all of our toilet partitions.

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