The Value Of FREE

Bobrick helps facilities meet the needs of patrons with an unmatched selection of ADA compliant free vend and token vend products. Our vendors offer a secure, cost-effective, and hygienic method to participate in ending period poverty.

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Provide Access

  • Reduce period poverty
  • Decrease work/school absenteeism
  • ADA Compliant – push button operated

Reduce Costs

  • Control the rate of consumption with individual dispense
  • Works with readily available products
  • No contracts required

Easy Maintenance

  • High capacity for fewer refills
  • Keep products dry and clean to promote hygiene
  • No battery or electricity required

High Visibility School District

Los Angeles, CA

Bobrick helped one of the largest school districts provide free menstrual care products.

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Access is Not Optional

Providing access to menstrual care products, dispensers and disposal solutions in public restrooms is more than a courtesy. It’s a need. Increasingly, it’s the law. Many states and the federal legislature have adopted or pending legislation regarding access to menstrual products.

To promote awareness of Period Poverty, Bobrick is partnering with ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, in support of ISSA’s Menstrual Care Access Campaign as an End Period Poverty partner.

Select your state or use the drop down menu below to learn how legislation impacts your area. When reading details about a bill, search for keywords like napkin tampon vendorfeminine hygiene and menstrual care to help you find relevant information in the bill text.

Select Bobrick’s Menstrual Care Solutions

Bobrick’s architectural and aftermarket sales representatives offer indispensable localized expertise.

Empower Dignity

Historically, facilities have lacked adequate accommodations for patrons who find themselves unprepared when their period begins unexpectedly.

1 in 3 low-income women miss work, school or similar events due to lack of access to period supplies.1

84% of teens have either missed class time or know someone who has because they did not have access to period products.2

48% obtain their supplies from a vendor in a public restroom.3

86% of women have started their period unexpectedly in public without supplies.4

According to the Alliance for Period Supplies1, a State of the Period 2021, a study commissioned by Thinx & PERIOD,2 and a survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Free the Tampon Foundation3, 4.

Specify Bobrick’s Menstrual Care Solutions

Bobrick offers a broad range of dispensers and disposals for period products to allow building owners and managers the means to accommodate patrons.

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Select Bobrick’s Menstrual Care Solutions

Bobrick’s architectural and aftermarket sales representatives offer indispensable localized expertise.