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Get Bobrick Keys, Replacement Parts & More

Bobrick is here to help you keep your products in good working order with the right Replacement Parts for products installed in your building. We invite you to find the part you need using the information below.

Lost or Damaged Key?

Most Bobrick and GAMCO keyed accessories utilize the universal CAT-74 Door Key, part number 330-43. Koala’s KB200 and KB200-SS also utilize this key, available from Koala as Key Kit 492-KIT.

Vendor coin boxes use Key for Coin Box, part number 352-112. BobKey part number 24-17 is used to refill soap dispensers and toilet tissue dispensers.

To order replacement keys, please contact your aftermarket representative or the distributor through which you purchase consumables such as soap or paper towels. For more information, please reference Customer Service Document CSD-1 Locks & Keys.

Don’t need a key? Please review the steps below to find the part you need.

How to Get Bobrick Replacement Parts

Step 1: Identify your product’s model number.

If you know the model number of your product, please download Bobrick’s Service & Parts Manual and proceed to Step 2.

If not known, you can do any of the following:

Step 2: Identify the part you need using Bobrick’s Service & Parts Manual.

Bobrick’s Service & Parts Manual is a comprehensive maintenance reference for Bobrick restroom accessories. This document provides convenient links to replacement part lists and maintenance documentation for most Bobrick product types.

Once you know your product model number:

  • Locate the relevant product type or model number in the Service & Parts Manual.
  • Access the associated Customer Service Document (CSD) or maintenance guide to view available replacement parts for that product.
  • Identify the Part Number (P/N) associated with the part you need.

Step 3: Request your Replacement Part(s) from your Bobrick aftermarket representative or order them from your distributor.

Once you know the exact Part Number that you need, you can order the part by either:

  • Contacting the Bobrick distributor through which you purchase consumables such as soap or paper towels, and asking if they carry the part.
  • Contacting the aftermarket representative through which you ordered the Bobrick product.

Still need help? Contact us.

Find the Part You Need
If you know the model number of your product, access Bobrick’s Service & Parts Manual to find the part you need.
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Order Parts
Bobrick replacement parts can be obtained through authorized aftermarket representatives or the distributor through which you order consumables such as soap or paper towels.
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