Compliance Programs & Documentation

Use the links below to learn more about Bobrick’s compliance with relevant programs and obtain associated documentation.

ADA Compliance

Bobrick is proud to offer products engineered to satisfy the latest American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards while providing consultation on compliant product selection and installation.

Fire Code Compliance

All Bobrick toilet partition materials comply with applicable fire code requirements. Download compliance test documentation and more.

Buy American

Bobrick’s network of subsidiaries, warehouses, sales offices and distribution partners routinely serve over 100 markets worldwide.

Bobrick Green

From EPA compliance to LEED certification, Bobrick helps design professionals and building owners satisfy demanding sustainability objectives.

Resources at the Ready

Bobrick is committed to ensuring access for patrons of all ages and abilities. Join us by learning more about building code compliance by exploring our educational resources.

A Planning Guide for Accessible Restrooms

Download Bobrick’s guide to satisfying ADA requirements in commercial restrooms.

ADA Compliance

Browse product catalogs, brochures, sell sheets and more.

Fire Code Compliance

Various fire code requirements are being adopted across the United States. Are you familiar with them?

Continuing Education Courses

Get insights on restroom design best practices with Bobrick’s accredited AIA/IDCEC courses.

Portfolio of Values

Compliance is one of many values that guide us in the service we provide and how we design our products.