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Compact Grade Laminate (CGL)

Bobrick CGL Cubicles & Partitions

Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) is a scratch, moisture, impact and graffiti-resistant material ideal for wet and high-traffic environments. Bobrick CGL is available on Evolve Cubicles and Traditional DuraLineSeries® with a range of Privacy and Design Options through the Steps to Spec cubicle and partition customization process.

Features & Benefits

  • Scratch, moisture, impact and graffiti-resistant
  • ASTM E 84 classification: Class A or B
  • Wide selection of colors and patterns

Door and panel thickness and fire ratings may vary between Evolve Cubicles and Traditional DuraLineSeries partitions.


Material Specification

Solidly fused plastic laminate with matte-finish melamine surfaces; integrally bonded colored face sheets and black phenolic-resin core. Wilsonart® SOLICOR™ color-through CGL also available with core to match surface. 
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Pricing & Lead Time

Pricing and lead times of Bobrick cubicles and partitions are specific to system-material combinations.

System Price Index Lead Time
Evolve $$$ 6-7 weeks
Traditional – DuraLineSeries $$ 10 days

Price Index based on a relative scale of $ to $$$$$. Price and lead time estimates apply only to standard color selection.


Durability Comparison

Compared to competitive materials, Bobrick materials perform exceptionally well for scratch-, dent- and graffiti-resistance when subjected to industry-standard ASTM test protocols. Bobrick CGL exhibits consistent performance regardless of the applicable system (Evolve Cubicles or Traditional DuraLineSeries).

Material Price Index


ASTM D 2197
Weight Required
to Scratch

Impact Resistance

ASTM D 2794
Visible Damage,
Inches-Pounds Per Force (lbf)

Graffiti Resistance

ASTM D 6578
Marks Removed
(Out of 9)

Interior Finish


Bobrick CGL $$ – $$$ Class A or B
Powder-Coated Metal $ Class A
Plastic (HDPE) $$

Must pass unmodified NFPA 286 test.

Learn More >

Stainless Steel $$$$$ Class A


Bobrick CGL Test Report Downloads

ASTM D 2197 – Scratch Resistance
Weight Required to Scratch: >10 kg

ASTM D 2794 – Impact Resistance
Visible Damage, Inches-Pounds Per Force (lbf): 168″

ASTM D 6578 – Graffiti Resistance
Marks Removed (Out of 6): 5

ASTM E 84 – Fire Rating
Interior Finish Classification: Class A or B

To review Bobrick CGL’s durability and performance compared to other Bobrick materials and competitive materials, view the full Durability Comparison chart.

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