What is Steps to Spec?

Bobrick cubicles and partitions are made-to-order. To help you quickly understand your optionschoose the right product and deliver smarter specifications, Bobrick has developed Steps to Spec: a simple, four-step process for customizing your design.

Select a Bobrick System

Systems determine the overall form and function of your design. Choose from three primary systems based on project type and budget:

  • PRIVADA® Cubicles for prestige projects.
  • Evolve Cubicles for heavy traffic and standard use buildings with affordable privacy.
  • Traditional Partitions for standard use and heavy traffic where budget is most important.

Select a Material

Your substrate material for doors, panels and stiles will define the system’s performance (scratch-, impact- and graffiti-resistance, and fire rating) as well as the Privacy and Design Options available.

Bobrick materials include:

  • Compact Grade Laminate (CGL).
  • Solid Color Reinforced Composite (SCRC).
  • High Pressure Laminate (HPL).
  • Wood Veneer Laminate.

Select Privacy Option

Privacy is increasingly seen as an expectation across a range of building types. Bobrick systems are available in various:

  • Height Options, influencing door and panel height, and floor clearance.
  • Gap Options, reducing or even eliminating hinge, keeping and wall gaps.

Gap-free design, increased door and panel heights and reduced floor clearance are standard on PRIVADA and EvolveTraditional Partitions offer a range of Privacy Options.

Select Design Options

Design Options optimize your system’s design to meet project requirements.

  • Hardware Options influence system functionality and further impact the patron experience—from standard latches and brackets to occupancy indicators and full-height brackets.
  • Mounting Configurations optimize cleanability, installation and more.
  • Colors, Patterns & Woodgrains offer a range of distinctive finishes to support design concepts.
  • Dividers & Screens, such as Urinal Screens and Shower Compartments, extend your design outside the cubicle or partition.

Next Steps

Benefits & Capabilities

Discover the Bobrick advantage. Explore the links below for information on Bobrick’s value-added services and programs.

The Privacy Leader

Bobrick has established itself as a leader by providing privacy options on all of its cubicle and partition systems.

Materials & Hardware

We are proud to offer a range of high performance materials and rigorously tested hardware to support any design concept.

Fire Code Compliance

Bobrick cubicle and partition materials comply with applicable U.S. fire codes. Get test reports and review the latest fire code information.

Case Studies

Looking for inspiration? Browse completed cubicle and toilet partition success stories, ranging from schools to Class-A offices and beyond.

LEED & Sustainability

Bobrick cubicles and partitions can contribute to LEED Materials & Resources and Regional Materials credit categories.