Privacy & Durability. Evolved.

Evolve and Evolve Max Cubicles help design professionals create resilient, European-style cubicle systems without compromising project budgets. Evolve’s fully anodized aluminum framing system provides durability and privacy. For ADA compartments without room to expand the depth and width, 9″ floor clearance can be achieved. When the two floor clearances are combined, the components will be aligned at the top of the headrail.


  • Shopping centers 
  • Stadia and arenas 
  • Airports and convention centers 
  • Higher education 
  • Class B offices 
  • Locker rooms 

Commercial Office Spotlight
See how Evolve ensured a clean look with uncompromised depth at a global retail goods manufacturer’s headquarters, in our Cubicles & Toilet Partition Systems Catalog. 

Standard Features

  • 1/2″ Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) doors and fascia panels
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  • ASTM E 84 Fire Rating: Class A or B, depending on finish manufacturer
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  • Overhead-braced, fully anodized aluminum framing system provides durability 
  • Built-in European-style privacy eliminates sightlines 
  • 72″ single-piece divider panels 

Standard Hardware

Evolve’s anodized aluminum hardware and fittings provide the built-in privacy and modern function that discriminating projects demand. 

  • Soft door closure mechanism
  • Aluminum hook and occupancy indicator latch with emergency access release 
  • Closing latch, with sacrificial hard nylon shear tip, locks into the frame for added strength 

Material Pricing & Lead Time

Price Index based on relative scale of $ to $$$$$. Price and lead time estimates apply only to standard color selection. 

  • CGL
    Price Index: $$$
    Lead Time: 6-7 weeks

Steps to Spec

Bobrick cubicles and partitions are made-to-order products. To specify Bobrick partitions, follow Steps to Spec, our consistent methodology for customizing your design.
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Select A System

Evolve Cubicles

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Compact Grade Laminate (CGL)

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Select Design Options

Customize cubicle height to your project needs by selecting Standard or Max Height.


Height Options

OptionDoor HeightPanel HeightFloor Clearance
Max79 5/8″80″1″
Evolve standard height shown in Cello 0811 FH.
Evolve Max height shown in Silvretta 0229 FH.

Select A System

Evolve Cubicles

Select A Material

Compact Grade Laminate (CGL)

Select Privacy Options

Select Design Options

Complete your Evolve design by choosing your color, pattern or woodgrain, and adding Urinal Screens. 


Evolve Standard Height Cubicles are floor-anchored, overhead-braced installation with 9″ pedestals. Soft-close spring loaded closing mechanism incorporated in pivot foot.

Evolve Max Cubicles are overhead-braced installation with soft-close mechanism incorporated into headrail. Patent pending. Evolve Max’s construction makes it ideal for shower applications.

Soft-close mechanism incorporated into headrail on Evolve Max Cubicles with 1″ floor clearance.
Spring-loaded, height-adjustable pedestal actuates soft-close door on the Evolve Cubicles with 9″ floor clearance.

Colors, Patterns, & Woodgrains

Evolve Cubicles are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and woodgrains.

Standard color by ABET LAMINATI allows for single panel width up to 72″, eliminating use of additional hardware. Meets Class A fire rating without upcharge. *Wilsonart® SOLICOR™ is a specialty laminate with a solid color core to match the surface. Color upcharge premium applies.

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Single Piece Panels Available Up to 5 Feet
Single Piece Panels Available Up to 6 Feet


Add Evolve floor-anchored urinal screens, with finishes and hardware to match your cubicle design.  

Standard Height shown in Brushed Aluminum 0328 FH