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Bobrick delivers on its promise of high quality products with high quality, responsive customer service and a comprehensive product support programme. Whether you’re a design professional, facility manager or Bobrick distributor, we invite you to find the resources and support materials you need right here.


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Lost or Damaged Key?

Most Bobrick and GAMCO keyed accessories utilise the universal CAT-74 Door Key, part number 330-43. Koala’s KB200 and KB200-SS also utilise this key, available from Koala as Key Kit 492-KIT. Vendor coin boxes use Key for Coin Box, part number 352-112. BobKey part number 24-17 is used to refill soap dispensers and toilet tissue dispensers.

To order replacement keys, please contact your aftermarket representative or the distributor through which you purchase consumables such as soap or paper towels. For more information, please reference Customer Service Document CSD-1 Locks & Keys.

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Maintaining Your Products

For information on cleaning, maintaining, identifying replacement parts and troubleshooting guides for your Bobrick products.

Specify Products

Choose the right restroom products and gather the deliverables you need to support your specification.

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For essential project insight, from design best practices to logistics expertise, we invite you to connect with your region’s Architectural or Aftermarket representative.


For specials information, contact your Architectural Representative.


Bobrick products are protected under one or more patents.

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