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Bobrick helps design professionals achieve their vision and commercial building owners better serve their patrons by providing washroom accessories, toilet partitions and specialty products that deliver high-end, coordinated aesthetics, improved operating costs, hygiene, compliance and sustainability.

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Portfolio of Values

What makes Bobrick an industry leader? A legacy of commitment to the issues that matter most to architects, building owners, facility managers, distributors and patrons.


Our selection includes design-integrated series and products developed for prestige, upscale, standard use and heavy traffic projects.


Bobrick provides consultation on compliant product selection and installation while offering products engineered to meet the latest accessibility requirements.


Bobrick is at the forefront of the touch-free restroom, offering easy-to-maintain stainless steel products and automatic models to limit cross contamination.


Bobrick accessories are engineered to reduce waste and consumables usage while eliminating the need for proprietary towels and soap, thereby reducing operating costs.


Robust engineering and built-in maintainability are hallmarks of Bobrick products, delivering life-of-the-building functionality.


Bobrick products are designed to minimize cost-in-use, control soap and paper towel usage and reduce maintenance expense.


Today’s patrons value privacy. Bobrick toilet partitions provide options to deliver a more private experience.


Non-proprietary dispensing solutions help building owners escape the costly consumables contracts and limited selection common to closed-system products.