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End Period Poverty

Bobrick is here to help increase access to menstrual care products in public restrooms with our dispensers and disposal solutions.


The Importance of Equitable Access

Highlighted states have adopted or pending legislation. Click on a highlighted state or use the drop down menu to find out more.

Promoting Dignity & Health

Any facility looking to meet the expectations of its user base should consider how common it is for U.S. women ages 18-54 to have their period begin unexpectedly in public. The following survey results are courtesy of the Free the Tampons Foundation:

86% of women need access to menstrual supplies while in public.

34% went home immediately to get supplies.
48% obtain their supplies from a vendor in a public restroom.

The Value Of FREE

Bobrick helps facilities fulfill the expectation with an unmatched selection of free vend and token vend products. Our vendor products offer operators a secure, cost-effective and hygienic method to support ending period poverty.

Improve Access

  • Reduce period poverty
  • Decrease school absenteeism
  • Provide comfort and enhance patron experience

Reduce Your Costs

  • Allows facilities to control the rate of consumption while still meeting the access needs of occupants
  • No battery or electricity required

ADA Compliant

  • Operates easily and intuitively with less than 5 lbs. force, without tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist
  • Recessed and semi-recessed models also satisfy the ADA 4″ protruding objects requirement

Bobrick’s Unmatched Vendor Selection


Surface-Mounted Napkin/Tampon Vendor, Free Vend Operation


TrimLineSeries™ Recessed Napkin/Tampon Vendor, Free Vend Operation


ConturaSeries® Recessed Napkin/Tampon Vendor, Free Vend Operation


ConturaSeries® Surface-Mounted Sanitary Napkin Disposal