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Hand Dryers

Whether you need form, function or both, Bobrick hand dryers deliver. Choose from a range of units that harmonize with your restroom’s design, enable significant cost and resource savings, ease janitorial workload and comply with accessibility requirements.

B-7125 InstaDry™ High Speed Dryer

For unmatched energy savings, choose the lowest wattage jet dryer in its class. Ideal for high-traffic environments, such as airports, stadiums and retail spaces, InstaDry supports the high-speed hand-drying experience that today’s patrons expect, without the high operating costs.

Featured Products

Looking for additional product recommendations? Explore these industry favorites and new solutions.


Accessible Recessed Hand Dryer

Great for upscale properties!


TrimDry™ QuietDry™ Series Hand Dryer

71 dBA sound level & compliant 4″ projection.


TerraDry™ QuietDry™ Series Hand Dryer

With 70 dBA sound level & 1.0 kW power rating.


DuraDry™ QuietDry™ Series High Speed Hand Dryer

1.4 kW power rating with die-cast aluminum cover.

Downloads & Resources

Review the links below to access helpful information to assist with design, product selection and more.

The Complete Hand Dryer Line Brochure

With Bobrick hand dryers, design meets performance. Discover our full selection with our hand dryer brochure.

How to Specify the Right Hand Dryer

Every building project—and every restroom—has unique needs. Your hand dryer specification should reflect those needs. Learn more in the Bobrick Academy. 

Designing Restrooms for Sustainable Operation

This Continuing Education course reviews the advantages of different types of hand dryers and approaches architects can use to achieve their sustainability goals. 

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