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Bobrick’s mirror offering includes LED backlit and sidelit mirrors, frameless mirror, channel frame mirrors and more.

B-167 Series LED Backlit Mirror (Outer Etched)

Bobrick’s LED Mirror Collection, including the B-167 Series, combines high quality LEDs with commercial grade mirror construction to provide a product that reflects quality, value and style. Features estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours, improved illumination and reduced shadowing.

Featured Products

Looking for additional product recommendations? Explore these industry favorites and new solutions.

B-290 2436

Welded-Frame Mirror

Measures 24″ wide x 36″ high.

B-165 1836

Channel-Frame Mirror

Measures 18″ wide x 36″ high.

B-293 2436

Fixed-Position Tilt Mirror

Provides visibility for wheelchair users.

B-169 3040

LED Sidelit Mirror

Measures 30″ wide x 40″ high.

Downloads & Resources

Review the links below to access helpful information to assist with design, product selection and more.

Backlit Mirror Collection Sell Sheet

Elevate restroom vanities cost effectively with Bobrick’s Backlit LED Mirrors. Explore your options with our sell sheet.

Bobrick Mirror Care and Maintenance

In order to avoid unnecessary damage to mirrors, it is important to clean and care for them properly. Review TB-94: Bobrick Mirror Care and Maintenance. 

Bobrick Mirror Shipment Information

When receiving a shipment that contains mirrors, there are some indicators of damage during transit. Review TB-101: Bobrick Mirror Shipment Information. 

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