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Toilet Seat-Cover Dispensers

Promote hygiene and peace of mind with recessed and surface-mounted Toilet Seat-Cover Dispensers from Bobrick.

B-4221 ConturaSeries® Surface-Mounted Seat-Cover Dispenser

Satin-finish stainless steel. Dispenses 250 single- or half-fold toilet seat covers or one box. Fills from bottom. Unit 15 3⁄4″ W, 11″ H, 2″ D (400 x 280 x 50mm). Allow 5″ (125mm) minimum clearance from bottom of dispenser to top of any horizontal projection for filling dispenser from below unit.

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B-3013 TrimLineSeries™

Recessed Seat-Cover Dispenser

Dispenses 500 toilet seat covers.

B-301 ClassicSeries®

Recessed Seat-Cover Dispenser

With seamless beveled flange.

B-221 ClassicSeries®

Surface Mounted Seat-Cover Dispenser

Dispenses 250 single- or half-fold toilet seat covers or one box.

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Restroom Accessory Catalog

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Washroom Accessories LEED Information

Bobrick uses over 60% post-consumer recycled content in its stainless steel accessories. Get more information by reviewing TB-88: Washroom Accessories LEED Information.

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