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SureFlo™ Automatic Soap Dispensers

When hygiene is top of mind, Bobrick’s touch-free SureFlo Automatic Soap Dispensers deliver. SureFlo is top-filled with bulk soap—instead of costly, proprietary cartridges—to enable cost savings, reduction of post-consumer waste by over 57% and ensure a reliably stocked, safe washroom.

SureFlo Automatic Soap Dispensers are available in liquid (B-824) and foam (B-828) models.

Features & Benefits

  • Labour Savings: Top filling saves labour; oversize fill port designed for economical bulk jug soap. No more under-counter servicing of screw-on cartridges.
  • Soap Savings: Liquid or foam bulk jug soap saves more than 80% compared to proprietary closed-system cartridges at locked in prices; SureFlo ROI averages one year.
  • Design Continuity: Polished chrome finish reflects design continuity with other washroom accessories compared to the plastic retrofit hodge-podge.
  • Reliable Operation: Electronic Activation System defines the “dispense zone,” eliminating hand waving and false dispensing. Adjustable portion control.
  • Responsible: Five 800ml soap cartridges hold approximately the same amount as a one-gal. bulk jug resulting in a 57% reduction of post-consumer waste.
  Achieves design continuity with other fixtures for renovations or new construction, featuring polished chrome finish.
Eliminates wasteful disposal of residual soap and reduces post-consumer waste by over 57% compared to proprietary cartridges.
Uses bulk jug soap for 80% savings or more compared to proprietary systems. Top-filling for quick refills and labour savings.
Automatic operation, reducing cross-contamination. Electronic Activation System eliminates hand waving.


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